We are upmarch

Remote brand consultancy, specialised in renewing focus on your brand for growth, impact or both.

Agile & nimble

Things can change quickly, and we are prepared for fast feedback. The way we work is proof to that. 


We only work with a handful of clients at any given moment. So we can provide full focus and attention.


We focus on the 20% that delivers 80% of the results. Better to do one thing well, than to be average in many. 

An intentionally small, outspoken brand consultancy

Upmarch is an intentionally small consultancy based in Bali and The Netherlands, led by brand strategists and entrepreneurs Colin van den Broek and Matthijs van der Zouwen.

We assist founders to reposition their B2B brands swiftly through strategic, verbal and visual brand clarity. Creating space for growth, impact and a clear path upward. Our core clientele are Asia or European-based companies, with at least €1.500.000 in yearly revenue.

Applying our expertise in the domains we know best

Our process is transparent and unique. To ensure that transformations are done in the most succesfull way, we have doubled down our efforts in one specialisation. This helps us stay focused, agile and impactful. This is Upmarch in a nutshell. A brand consultancy that is far from an agency or hungry design studio.


We prefer to work with companies that are forth thriving and have a clear vision.

Product market fit

Your product or service is proven and has taken you to the place you are now. 


We help scale-ups and fast growing start-ups with an ARR of at least €1.500.000.

Adapting to change

Brand transformations triggered by changes in offering, mergers,  vision or geological expansion.

Colin van den Broek

Brand Strategist & Identity Designer

As a brand strategist and full stack designer, Colin effectively positions brands for strong market presence. His approach is grounded in a deep understanding of psychology and branding, guided by evidence-based thinking and proven practices.

Matthijs van der Zouwen

Brand & Growth Consultant

As a consultant, Matthijs assists founders and CMOs in navigating the growing pains of their companies. With years of experience in the tech space, he possesses extensive knowledge in product, business, and brand-centric growth strategies.

Our Vision

Empowering brands to achieve unparalleled growth and impact through strategic brand innovation.

At Upmarch, we believe that a strong, cohesive brand is the cornerstone of sustainable success. We are committed to partnering with our clients, from startups to scaleups, to craft brands that resonate, differentiate, and elevate them in their competitive landscape.

How we operate

Direction & consult

We are not an agency and that is apparent in the way we work together with you. We encourage clients to add marketers and designers to their teams because our process equips them with the assets they need. Empowered to take their brand into their own hands.

Network of experts

We have build a broad network of specialised experts, which we are happy to share with our clients and partners.

Small & agile

We are purposefully small and aspire to remain as small as possible. To retain our quality of work and life. This means that we only work with a handful of clients at any given moment, so we can provide the focus that you deserve.

For ambitious scale-ups

We are passionate about what we do and we only accept projects that we can fully commit to. So we prefer clients who are just as committed and ambitious as we are, so that we can work towards the best results, together.

Diagnose first, prescribe later

We will never put our clients or ourselves in the position of prescribing solutions without fully understanding their challenges first. Thats why we have a rigoureus intake process.

Accessible expertise

We are open to new ideas and believe in continuous development. That’s why we pride ourselves on sharing accessible expertise in multiple forms. From our insights, our framework, to coaching and scale-up consulting.

Shared revenue model

It’s possible for us to work in a shared revenue model, this  keeps us pushing towards the same goals and mutual interests.

Work life balance

We have a European vacation policy. Taking time to recharge, unplug and work on our service offering.

Remote experts

We work completely remotely and use all the tools needed to make that work. Of course we are open to meeting in person, if our schedule allows it.

What is your ambition?

Share your goals with us so we can join hands and get started.