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Strategy Consultancy

Guiding scale-ups through product and brand evolution

Don't let your brand hinder your expansion.

Building a brand begins internally. It extends beyond mere logos, fonts, and colors. Collaborate with us to uncover your distinctiveness, establish foundational elements for brand growth, foster innovation, and align your team’s efforts.

Swift Alignment

Pointing all stakeholders, staff and your audience in the right and same direction. No more mixed messages.

Be Distinctively Different

Stand out to your audience for all the right reasons. Full clarity in what makes you the right fit.

Growth accelerator

Combining business with brand strategy, as a growth accelerator and to overcome challenges.

Our process


We start by listening and conducting research to gather both qualitative and quantitative data. This approach helps us make informed decisions, taking into account the broader context and leadership’s ambitions.


We facilitate positive and proactive workshops using storytelling, brand and design thinking, meticulously preparing to foster breakthrough moments of inspiration, alignment, and momentum among leadership within the scale-up.


Actively supporting the transition of strategies into reality, ensuring positive change by keeping initiatives on track. Our involvement includes advising leadership, setting objectives, integrating business strategy and providing consult.

For Brand Transformations

Rally around your brand. Our proprietary method identifies pain points preventing you from growing and uncovers opportunities for impact.

By the end of this rigorous and proven process, you’ll have the tools to forge deep connections with your audience, staff, and investors. Working towards a sustainable long-term goal with focus and cohesion through brand-centric thinking.

Elevate Your Brand. Accelerate Your Growth.

Scale your organization faster and methodically by strategic re-positioning. At Upmarch, we understand the unique challenges scaleups face. With our proven method and knowledge of positioning, we’re here to guide you through the complexities of scaling your brand and business.

Operational efficiency

Point all heads in one direction, with a clear path forward. So you can reach the goal together.

Attract talent

Finding the right people, which love to work at your company and with your brand. 

Perfect customer fit

Total alignment and clarity in what you do and what your customers need.  

Market penetration

Clarity in where you stand with your brand, and take in a unique position in the market.

Why brand strategy for scale-up growth?

As consultants, we assist Founders in finding brand clarity and focus in their scale-up. A bit different from the traditional consultancy approach, we look at growth challenges, using what makes your unique: your brand.

There is something unique and appealing to your company, approach and services/products. That is what brought you to the point you are now. That is what makes you unique in the eyes of your customer. And that is what we can capitalise on.

Further anchoring that unique positioning in the eyes of your ideal customers, by doubling down on what makes you truly unique: your brand. In this way you can reframe your growing pain problems, and work on further differentiating yourself from the competition; a win-win scenario.

Ready to go upwards?

Our process is transparent and unique. To ensure that brand transformations are done in the most succesfull way, build for growth. It all starts with your ambition, together we will find the best way forward. As entrepeneurs, brand and business strategists we are excited to find your best way upwards.

Do you have questions?

We are here to answer them.