Frequently Asked Questions

  • Leads a dynamic SaaS company, ranging from a tight-knit team of 10 to a growing force of 100.
  • Engages with us at the principal level, ensuring decision-makers are involved from start to finish. While we prioritize working directly with founders, leaders or C-suite executives, we welcome collaboration from their teams.
  • Encounters growth challenges or pivotal transitions that demand strategic brand repositioning. We usually picture this as something that is literally keeping them up at night. This could manifest as concerns about business strategy, the future of the firm, market differentiation, scaling pains, or the need to pivot their brand strategy to align with evolving business goals.
  • Trusts our expertise to: (1) pinpoint the core challenges; (2) provide a precise diagnosis; and (3) recommend solutions that can lead to real change but minimises disruption as much as possible.
  • Recognises the value of our services, understanding that the investment aligns with the potential to significantly elevate their brand and market position, without seeking special terms.

Five things: 

  1. Our proprietary methodologies are designed to identify challenges and address them efficiently and effectively.
  2. Since 2013, we’ve collaborated with 100+ companies across the world. Through our advisory services, expertise and services, we believe we’ve positively influenced countless founders.
  3. Our approach is a balanced blend of kind and straightforwardness.
  4. We’re firm believers in practice what we preach, in every area.
  5. Our recommendations are grounded in extensive research, drawing insights from our vast clientele.

    While we pride ourselves on our expertise, we acknowledge the valuable contributions of our peers in the industry. If we’re not the right fit for your needs, we’ll be the first to let you know and are happy to suggest someone else that would be a great fit.

Within our consulting services (start upmarch and scale upmarch), we move into an “implementation phase.” This phase includes a series of essential calls or emails (without a strict count). Typically, the client would initiate these when seeking guidance, though we might reach out if we sense a lack in engagement or lose of momentum. In the advisory stage, our discussions are problem-focused, aiming to pinpoint the issue and its solution. The implementation phase allows for deeper exploration or adjustments to any changes. To initiate a call, the client would provide context or an agenda, and we assist accordingly. For efficiency, there’s a limited amount of these calls and a set duration across so many months. They’re scheduled individually and always involve the firm’s key decision-makers/principals.

Only if it happens naturally, usually we use a call to explore if we are a fit to work together. Our extensive content is designed to give you a clear insight into our viewpoints and the experience of working with us.

On the advisory front, our approach isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. What our clients value most is our objective insight into their businesses standing and trajectory. They appreciate our candid feedback and our knack for providing efficient solutions without the need for trial and error. While they understand that the responsibility for change remains with them, they rely on us to steer them based on proven strategies. Our insights are drawn from a vast array of experiences, we’ve seen hundreds of different elements and what’s unique is not the elements themselves but how clients have combined them into their own unique mix. Your journey is distinct, and our role is to handpick the right strategies and activation from our extensive repertoire to cater to your specific needs.


In the realm of design and activation, our expertise runs deep. We’ve successfully orchestrated numerous brand transformations, ensuring that each design not only resonates with the target audience but also aligns with the brand’s core values. Our approach transcends traditional design methodologies. We don’t just create visuals; we breathe life into brands, ensuring they thrive in the competitive B2B SaaS landscape. Our commitment is to ensure that every design decision is backed by strategy, and every activation strategy is tailored to maximize engagement and drive results. With us, your brand doesn’t just look good; it performs at its peak.

The main deliverable is always insightful analysis and transformative advice. We don’t dwell on lengthy reports; instead, our recommendations are concise and presented in a clear outline. Prior to each advisory session, there will be materials for you to go over. We aim to record our discussions for your reference. Note-taking is encouraged. Our approach is always to be brief, direct, and pragmatic.

Answering the question of references is a bit complex, and there’s potential for misinterpretation. Here’s our stance:

In the past, when asked, we’d provide a list of references. However, over time, we’ve shifted away from this practice for several reasons:

  1. Client Commitment: Our clients aren’t enlisted to advise potential clients. Often, they end up outlining their successful strategies, essentially offering free consultation. What worked for them might not necessarily work for you.
  2. Trust Factor: Requesting references can sometimes indicate doubt. While this was a valid concern in our early days, our extensive presence in the market now speaks to our efficacy. Just ask around.
  3. Misuse of References: We’ve encountered instances where prospects sent bulk emails with numerous questions to all our references. It’s unfair to expect unpaid references to invest that much time. Additionally, some have delegated the task of reaching out to their assistants. If you’re not personally vetting us, we might not be the right fit.
  4. Confidentiality: Much of our work with clients is confidential, as will be our engagement with you. While there are testimonials on our site and endorsements on LinkedIn, specific details remain private.
  5. Sensitivity: Our benchmarking practice is not just proprietary but also involves our most valuable contacts. Sharing these would compromise our competitive edge.

All services are either fully prepaid, or follow a 50% downpayment before starting and 50% on signoff.

All services are non-refundable, for any reason, without exception.

The reason is not cash flow. Rather, it gives us the freedom to be completely transparent and honest with our clients, not harboring any fear that you’ll be upset and withhold payment, and it helps us work with clients who are ready to do this.

We do take credit cards as a form of payment if the issue is cashflow.

At Upmarch, we have embraced the remote work model from the start, operating independently of time and location constraints. This approach not only enables us to optimize our workflow but also ensures we are in sync with our clients’ evolving requirements. It’s this flexibility that makes us exceptionally agile and responsive.

Our strategy sessions and processes have been optimised and designed for a remote setup, and we remain committed to this model without exceptions.